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Fueling Exploitation

Think buying sex is a victimless crime? Think twice.
Most prostituted individuals start out as minors. These victims of sex trafficking often suffered physical and sexual abuse before being forced into sex trafficking. The pimps that force them into trafficking use force, fraud, and coercion to manipulate and control them and it can take years to escape.

Isn't it just work? Isn't it a choice? 
Populations with the most vulnerability and least amount of opportunity are disproportionately lured into a life of prostitution. Survival is not a choice. Individuals being sold for sex often lack meaningful options, but sex buyers always have a choice. Men who purchase sex are lining the pockets of pimps, traffickers, and other criminals; their actions fuel an industry which exploits society's most vulnerable.

The girl you bought? What is she really thinking?

Think your date may be a trafficking victim?
Make an anonymous tip: 1-888-3737-888

Want to stop buying sex?
Get help.