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Destroying Relationships

Think buying sex is harmless? Think Twice.


  • Sex buying and sex addiction often lead to broken relationships or divorce.
  • 69% of Marriages in which an affair was admitted or discovered end after one year.
  • Without treatment, therapy or other avenues of healing for both parties, the relationship could get even worse and disintegrate altogether.
I could imagine him becoming interested in another person, falling in love. Such things happen. But to have chosen to pay for sex - and with any woman at that - felt too much like an attack on me.
— Wife of a Sex Buyer (featured in The Telegraph)


  • Increasingly employers are tacking a zero tolerance stance towards human trafficking. These policies require disciplinary action for usage of company equipment related to sex buying activities or for arrests related to prostitution and human trafficking.
  • Student Codes of Conduct at universities across the nation prohibit sexual offenses of any kind from sexual assault to  prostitution.
  • School district administrators, teachers, coaches,  sports agents, executives, civil servants, and other private citizens across Texas cities and towns are being arrested and profiled in the news, damaging careers and subjecting their families to public humiliation.
  • If you are convicted for buying sex from a minor and become a permanently registered sex offender you are permanently barred from certain professions including Physician, Teacher, Coach, and Day Care Operator.
I was deceiving family and colleagues. Betraying community and values I thought I held.
— Sex Buyer (featured in The Seattle Times)

Want to stop buying sex?
Get help.

Suspect someone is a victim of trafficking?
Make an anonymous tip: 1-888-3737-888